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iSTEP (innovative Student Technology ExPerience) is a summer internship program of TechBridgeWorld, a research group at Carnegie Mellon University. Introduced in 2009, iSTEP is a unique internship program that provides Carnegie Mellon students with the opportunity to conduct technology research projects in developing communities.

This year’s location was Montevideo, Uruguay and the main community partner was the Administración Nacional de Educación Pública (ANEP = National Administration of Public Education). The iSTEP 2011 team included 7 Carnegie Mellon students from the Pittsburgh, USA and Doha, Qatar campuses. 4 interns were based in Montevideo, 2 in Pittsburgh, and 1 in Doha. We developed 3 English literacy technology tools for use by Uruguayan students and teachers. For more information about iSTEP 2011, our partner, the 2011 team and projects, visit the About, Team, and Project pages.

The internship wrapped up on Friday, July 29. The iSTEP 2011 team would like to thank all of our followers, partners, advisors and sponsors for "Following the Journey" with us this summer. Feel free to browse the website for iSTEP 2011 internship outcomes as well as our blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr sites. Also, check back in a couple weeks for the iSTEP 2011 Final Report. Be sure to check the iSTEP program website for more information on future iSTEP internships.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments at info@techbridgeworld.org.

Muchas gracias por tu apoya y ayuda! Adiós,
iSTEP 2011 Team – Afnan, Elise, Asma, Meghan, Roberto, Hanae, Vanessa

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